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My First Post!!! well on the offical site….

by on Nov.01, 2009, under Crew Logs

Well Mirthateers, we have my first offical post coming to you from the Outpost of Mirth, 6 miles above the surface of the planet. You all look like ants from up here, God Dammed Ants I Tell You!!!!!!

Well off for a bath, I just wanted to break the seal of newness.

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So, some survey said….

by on Sep.29, 2009, under Crew Logs

I, James, the Scourge of Carpathia, the Sorrow of Moldavia, command you!

There!!! now I have got your attention I may continue.

During my day off I was unfortuatly forced into expanding my mind. I watched some doc on channel 4 about new media and how T.V. is basically dead. Then it threw a rather interesting factoid at me, the average western teen spend 2 hours on the internet. Well I beat the pants offa them hands down!!!

2 hours is just my dedicated porn surfing time, not even mentioning James’ most awesome nerd time, James’ hour of self-improvement, intermitant social browsing and interwebs based gaming!!! Teens now-a-days just don’t know how to completly dedicate themselves to a way of life. These examples were just a slice of my online existance, I have many other “sad bastard” hobbies that require feeding, much like a good ol’ crack addiction.

The sooner things become like Jonny Nemonic the better.

Guess this was just a quicky rant, I though this has some sort of legs then I looked down and saw the shiny steel of a wheel chair.


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