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Apologies from a bed post… Post.

by on Sep.13, 2012, under Crew Logs


The bed post above would like to say sorry for the lack of an episode 19 after our beta test pre-launch show. Technical difficulties with the recording set up are to blame this week; and the bed post, while not responsible for these difficulties, feels that it should take on the responsibility for any upset or inconvenience caused. Sorry folks but, once issues are corrected, expect great things… Or, at least, mildly satisfying things!

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No show this week.

by on Feb.02, 2010, under Crew Logs

Sorry for there not being a show up this week folks. We’ve been having technical difficulties with the space station, seems to be leaking coolant.

We’re working on compensating, Star Trek style, and will be popping up both a 3.5 feedback episode and official ep 4 soon.

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Easter thoughts

by on Apr.10, 2009, under Crew Logs

Well, I’ve started renting a house with my brother and my two long time friends Lynsey and Paul; my brother has since become engaged to one of them, I’ll leave it to you to guess which one 😉

They’re actually having their engagement party tomorrow night, which will be fun.  This has reminded me that I have still not managed to get a hold of my Camera’s Battery Charger, best get onto that one before it’s too late.  I’ll post some pictures of the big event if I manage to succeed in my search.

Another big event is coming up on Sunday.

Our, now extended, group of friends is going out to Tullymore Forest Park for a bonding and barbeque session.  I was a little bit hesitant about heading along at first as I thought space in transport would be a difficulty, I have been assured this will not be the case and now I plan to bring along multipacks of Crisps.  Once again, if all goes well with my hunt for a charger, pictures to come.

I’ve started using twitter again in the last couple of months and just last night decided to start using it as a system for delivering me news.  I am now following the Financial Times, Telegraph and Independent headlines. We’ll see how long that lasts before the constant news pinging starts to annoy, however I think Windows Mobile 6.1’s automatic message threading will help keep the stream under some control.

It’s Easter, and this morning it struck me that I haven’t even thought about that once until today.  It’s funny how events in the year that had such significance in your life when you were a child can just start to slip past as you get caught up in the business of managing your life as an adult.  I’ll have to spend some time thinking about the holiday.

One of my old friends Caitlín’s guinea pigs is having a bit of a rough time of things at the moment and has become unhealthily thin, I wish her and her’s all the best of luck on nursing the little pig back to health.

I guess that’ll do for a quick overview of some recent thoughts and events in the life of Johnny Kelly.

Hope you’re well yourself 🙂

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