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P.R. Announcement & Special Release of Unseen Footage

by on Apr.01, 2013, under Crew Logs

Good mornfternooning, Mirthlings!

Science Officer Ben, here.  Several hard-light-life events and a few vectors of nefarious strife have conspired to impede, but by no means halt, our progress in preparing our most recent recording for broadcast.  We Defenders take very thorough measures to distill the podcast into the purest mirth money can fail to buy.

To paraphrase Bob, whom I have just this minute appointed Imaginary Spokesman for DOTM,

“Episode 22 IS on our minds. It will be made. We assure you it’s something we have considered and approached. We do not want to rush it. We have nothing but the utmost respect for it and it’s fan base. It will happen!”

Errant apostrophes and slight irrelevance aside, I wholeheartedly echo the spokesman’s statement and its sentiment.  I am personally working on the final edit and it shall be hitting your eardrums very, very soon.   There is a rigorous training regime, to which Johnny alluded on bookFace, required for me to take up the full weight of this responsibility. Part of this, as I have interpreted it, is to do penance for a late podcast.

I have decided the only way to atone correctly is to embarrass myself on YouTube.  As luck would have it, me from five years ago prepared a little something seemingly for this very purpose. Happily this leaves me free to continue the editing.

Here it is: Ben’s Debut in Videography: First Runs

Well, that’s my future career in politics out the window. Ah, I’d have been a tyrant anyway.

I aim to be broadcasting in the very early coming week.  If I fail, James’ll have to crack out the old cat o’ nine tails.  (He swears it was on the station when he first arrived).

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Science Officer’s Log: Day 5

by on Aug.03, 2012, under Crew Logs

Time/Date: Unknown+5
Mission Status: ψ

I think I’ve quarantined what appeared to be a sentient virus in the computer system, but was probably just a corrupted installation of an AI chat program. The sensors are still shot, though, and I still can’t tell what the hell is going on. Maybe we’ve escaped Earth’s gravity and are hurtling toward oblivion. Or could be we’re losing altitude and are hurtling toward oblivion. Maybe we’re on a collision course with Mount Everest and everyone’s abandoned the station, leaving me hurtling towards obliv-

Get a grip, Ben.

This morning I heard a voice. I think it was real, but if I’ve learned anything recently it’s that subsisting on Creamola Foam, nailclippings and 11-year-old Russian vodka makes for some interesting hallucinations. It sounded like Paul though, and if I was to hallucinate some inbound rescuer, I would probably imagine someone with at least a body and some legs. Maybe I’m not yet mad! Hooray!

If I can direct him to the portable emitter for the hard-light body I was working on for his birthday… But how? Maybe if he can roll to the end of the table I left him on, and somehow get into the top drawer… I wonder should I tell him I haven’t tested it?

If the defenders can find each other again, maybe there’s hope for us.

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Science Officer’s Log

by on Jul.30, 2012, under Crew Logs

Time/Date: Unknown
Mission Status: Ω’

I have awoken in complete darkness in a warm pool of what I hope against olfactory hope is water. I think – though I’m a little dizzy – I’m in my sleeping quarters module. I also think I’m &ä╝c0alone. The module’s hatch has shut down but perhaps it’s best I don’t try the manual release until I find out what, if anything, has happ♣0Ë6þened. I hope this isn’t a late April Fool’s joke, like last ♂+♀=☺ time.

Some of the instrument panels seem to have power. Most of the sensors are apparently offline, and those which are still responding must, simply, be misreporting data. Looks¢¤åX= like the only module with power is the lab — my lab — and as regards our altitude, this can’t be right.

The sounds seemingly emanating from the hull suggest otherwise, though &♪r▄ãg▬╚Bä↔Ìã╠7&>>code/?q0);ãXo

//System message: Record corrupt

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I connected the dots! Yay!

by on Jul.24, 2011, under Crew Logs

Hi there Mirthlings!

I’m Ben, also known as CosmicStressHead on another site (

I’m one of the people taking part in connecting the dots on a thing on Doug’s site ( The thing itself can be found here.

Disabled Cabaret Octopus

My submission to connecting the dots:
Disabled Cabaret Octopus

Doug has seen his way clear to providing a link to showcase some of each participant’s own work on his site and I have chosen to give Doug the link to the site you’re viewing now (

Although this isn’t my main site (see link above) I chose this one to give to Doug as it really is the most recently active project on which I have been working (that’s not really saying much though – intertree).

So, make your choice visitor! Stay here and listen to some really rather crude and crass entertainment or saunter over to and view some of my own comic archives.

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