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Well, Enter retrospect….

by on Apr.22, 2010, under Crew Logs

Right, one of the things I always promised that I would do on the site is to continue my blog, which was to be fair, was only available to people that knew me on social networking sites. Well I’m not going to do one of the usual crazy rant type blogs, this is more of a retrospective on what has become a pretty big part of my life.

The Defenders of the Mirth started, as most things do online, as a crazy conversation via msn. To the younger readers msn was what we old people used before facebook and text messaging. Johnny(Intertree) and I were having a general conversation about things we would like to do, I was talking about the blog I was writing and expressed a desire to move it to a place were more people could find it. The conversation eventually turned towards podcasting and how that seemed to be a great way of expressing our crazy ideas and relieve the general public of reading information and instead have it drip fed through their ears. Partially drunk on the power such an outlet would provide, the idea and the bare building blocks of the show were hammered out over the next 4 hours. It was a long conversation and I was very sleepy by the end of it.

After a short time a situation arose that led to Intertree and I living together. This convenience led to the first podcast. Now, anyone that has actually heard the podcast will know that it was lacking in mirth and there was quite a lot of nerves. We had never done this before and were afraid that we would sound like complete idiots. I was already used to the idea of being and idiot and actually having to look at myself (as some of you lucky people don’t) only compounds the fact but there were jitters non-the-less. In retrospect the death of other podcasters really wasn’t the best subject of our first cast but well, we had and an episode recorded. We listened to it and took solace in the fact that it wasn’t completely like the used tampon of the podcasting world we were imagining. Johnny(Intertree) also pointed out that if you go back and listen to any podcast from episode 1 and go through the episodes you will notice a steady improvement as the show finds it’s feet.

Looking back now I can state that there are some episodes I love and remember fondly. The first “Marks Moment” and episode 3 really contributed to the direction of the show and actually indicated that this show was going to contain some mirth. As the weeks went on other features and moments were included, the inclusion of opening skits(especially Ecto Sinclair and Mystic Mandy), our ongoing subplots involving the space station, the growth of our supporting cast and their contributions to the shows and a certain Mr. N Cognito all added depth and humour. Basically it was getting better.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is thank you. We have had success to a degree were I’m happy. I just wanted to get to get my friends all in one place and talk about the crazy stuff that made us laugh, get outrageously angry, stupidly excited and occasionally touched our heart. The fact that we may be listened to outside our immediate group of friends is a brillant bonus but not the reason I started this.

Goodbye Cunts!!!, AboveAveargeJay

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My First Post!!! well on the offical site….

by on Nov.01, 2009, under Crew Logs

Well Mirthateers, we have my first offical post coming to you from the Outpost of Mirth, 6 miles above the surface of the planet. You all look like ants from up here, God Dammed Ants I Tell You!!!!!!

Well off for a bath, I just wanted to break the seal of newness.

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Is it just me? or is everyone 5% more racist than they were last week.

by on Oct.25, 2009, under Crew Logs

I’ve been noticing this trent that seemed to start on thursday night… everyone is a little bit racist, well not everyone. In case you didn’t know or didn’t care, modern Captain Nazi, Nick Griffin appeared on Question Time in Thursday and seems have had made some sort of impact. Just to be clear before starting this, the man is slime, his views are a particularly dirty kind of evil and his supporters have a wonderfully horrible place in Hell reserved just for them.

It’s just that I have heard a number of quotes that seem to be based on a softening of opinion. This is basically the fault of the BBC and I’ll explain why. Thursday night was a great example of “school yard” politics, and the politicians didn’t have the intelligence to recognize what was going to happen. The idiots just followed to first instinct which was to pick on the weakest to make themselves look strong, a basic bully mentality. This had one result, people felt slightly sorry for him. I’m not saying everyone, the people that hate him and all that he represents still hate him and probably got a kick out of seeing him squirm, the people that support him are probably happy as they would see this as a step in the right direction and a vindication of their political views. The people I’m talking about are the surprising large amount of borderliners that probably agree with some of his views, probably on our immigration policies. What they saw was a man they might not like, which isn’t a problem as the vast majority of MP’s and politicians are hated anyway, being attacked for expressing some views that they share.

This has lead to people expressing similar views in the public domain. Most along the lines of “I don’t like him but he did have a number of good points”. Fuck him and his good points, there is nothing wrong with being a beacon of acceptance, tolerance and compassion. I would argue that out of the entire quality spectrum those would be the three that I value above all. They are certainly better than warmongering, indiscriminate hate and xenophobic racism.

I just want to remind people that like many/all politicians this man has a hidden agenda. This agenda probably appears like a Nazi propaganda film, blond haired boys and girls running through shining green fields being taught about the greatness of their forefathers smudging over the sometimes dark and dirty areas of history. Well the thought of that makes me sick. Cultural diversity is probably one of the most brilliant things about this planet and one of the reason I have any kind of interest is history.

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So, some survey said….

by on Sep.29, 2009, under Crew Logs

I, James, the Scourge of Carpathia, the Sorrow of Moldavia, command you!

There!!! now I have got your attention I may continue.

During my day off I was unfortuatly forced into expanding my mind. I watched some doc on channel 4 about new media and how T.V. is basically dead. Then it threw a rather interesting factoid at me, the average western teen spend 2 hours on the internet. Well I beat the pants offa them hands down!!!

2 hours is just my dedicated porn surfing time, not even mentioning James’ most awesome nerd time, James’ hour of self-improvement, intermitant social browsing and interwebs based gaming!!! Teens now-a-days just don’t know how to completly dedicate themselves to a way of life. These examples were just a slice of my online existance, I have many other “sad bastard” hobbies that require feeding, much like a good ol’ crack addiction.

The sooner things become like Jonny Nemonic the better.

Guess this was just a quicky rant, I though this has some sort of legs then I looked down and saw the shiny steel of a wheel chair.


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The after birthday question-fest results PART 1

by on Sep.21, 2009, under Crew Logs

About a week ago, with my 26th birthday looming I gave everyone an opportunity. This opportunity is something thats seems to have been quite rare in this world as of late and I was feeling particularly brave. This opportunity was of course 26 questions followed by 26 completely honest and truthful answers.

Most of the questions asked were in the final hours of the offer, most of the questions were asked with alcohol in me and most thankfully most were not along the lines of “would you bum your Mum or a dead lama?”. All that being said all they were truthfully answered to the best of my ability.

Below are the questions followed by the answers, and before it is pointed out to me, 26 questions were not asked. The questions are stated in the order to which they were sent to me by Jonny.

Am I Gay?

Um, this was an easy one, NO!!!!

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