Defenders of the Mirth

Head in a Jar………The Return of the Defenders

by on Sep.25, 2012, under Crew Logs

So it’s been a while since I updated you with the current situation.  As you heard on Episode 18 the Defenders are back! They are still having some technical issues and broadcasting shall resume again shortly.

So what happened I hear you ask. Well after I got used to have a 2 arms and 2 legs again I was able to rescue Ben from his module, it was locked from the outside which was rather strange. When we went to find the other 2 they were still in their sleeping capsules with James’s netbook still playing  his playlist of porn on a constant loop. Before waking them we noticed that their sleeping time had been increased and they were not supposed to wake for another year! After waking them we discovered that all other systems were functioning normally and they got to work on sorting a transmission.

Due to Mir only being able to sustain 3 bodies, here I am, back on my desk typing with my mind and flying the shuttle ( Celica 1) back and forward from Earth. I like my desk, having a body was just to much effort and people made you go get things and carry stuff for them! So I’m happy controlling things with my mind from my desk.

Look forward to reading your thoughts and I hope you enjoy the return of the defenders.


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