Defenders of the Mirth

Science Officer’s Log: Day 5

by on Aug.03, 2012, under Crew Logs

Time/Date: Unknown+5
Mission Status: ψ

I think I’ve quarantined what appeared to be a sentient virus in the computer system, but was probably just a corrupted installation of an AI chat program. The sensors are still shot, though, and I still can’t tell what the hell is going on. Maybe we’ve escaped Earth’s gravity and are hurtling toward oblivion. Or could be we’re losing altitude and are hurtling toward oblivion. Maybe we’re on a collision course with Mount Everest and everyone’s abandoned the station, leaving me hurtling towards obliv-

Get a grip, Ben.

This morning I heard a voice. I think it was real, but if I’ve learned anything recently it’s that subsisting on Creamola Foam, nailclippings and 11-year-old Russian vodka makes for some interesting hallucinations. It sounded like Paul though, and if I was to hallucinate some inbound rescuer, I would probably imagine someone with at least a body and some legs. Maybe I’m not yet mad! Hooray!

If I can direct him to the portable emitter for the hard-light body I was working on for his birthday… But how? Maybe if he can roll to the end of the table I left him on, and somehow get into the top drawer… I wonder should I tell him I haven’t tested it?

If the defenders can find each other again, maybe there’s hope for us.


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