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Science Officer’s Log

by on Jul.30, 2012, under Crew Logs

Time/Date: Unknown
Mission Status: Ω’

I have awoken in complete darkness in a warm pool of what I hope against olfactory hope is water. I think – though I’m a little dizzy – I’m in my sleeping quarters module. I also think I’m &ä╝c0alone. The module’s hatch has shut down but perhaps it’s best I don’t try the manual release until I find out what, if anything, has happ♣0Ë6þened. I hope this isn’t a late April Fool’s joke, like last ♂+♀=☺ time.

Some of the instrument panels seem to have power. Most of the sensors are apparently offline, and those which are still responding must, simply, be misreporting data. Looks¢¤åX= like the only module with power is the lab — my lab — and as regards our altitude, this can’t be right.

The sounds seemingly emanating from the hull suggest otherwise, though &♪r▄ãg▬╚Bä↔Ìã╠7&>>code/?q0);ãXo

//System message: Record corrupt

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