Defenders of the Mirth

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  • L. Dahl

    I’m not trying to feed up your theory of how important is facebook to girls… But I just take a look at your profiles and, you know what? At least from the profile pic, James reminds me a hell of a lot of Pete Doherty.

    Ps. I did listen to you, guys, your tracking thingy doesn’t work… Or is taking Arizona’s side.

  • AboveAverageJay

    Wow, I suppose it’s better than the time someone said I looked like Steve Buscemi!!! I can’t argue with your eyes tho, all pale skinny people must give of this vibe or something. Well at least I have the podcast to hide behind, just like a little chimp sitting in a tree throwing bananas at stronger, more attractive animals. Now if you’ll excuse me I think i’m getting high off the extremely large amount of cough medicine I have just ingested and am starting to ramble like an idiot… proud I got a monkey metaphor in there tho ;P

  • L. Dahl

    It’s not that bad. I just compared you to a rockstar who dated freaking Kate Moss. Isn’t that every guy’s dream?

  • Shaftsquared

    Kate Moss really, no, she is not worthy of the dib list.

  • intertree

    Just read this after over a year, hilarious zing from Ben.

    Lovin’ it.

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