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Well, Enter retrospect….

by on Apr.22, 2010, under Crew Logs

Right, one of the things I always promised that I would do on the site is to continue my blog, which was to be fair, was only available to people that knew me on social networking sites. Well I’m not going to do one of the usual crazy rant type blogs, this is more of a retrospective on what has become a pretty big part of my life.

The Defenders of the Mirth started, as most things do online, as a crazy conversation via msn. To the younger readers msn was what we old people used before facebook and text messaging. Johnny(Intertree) and I were having a general conversation about things we would like to do, I was talking about the blog I was writing and expressed a desire to move it to a place were more people could find it. The conversation eventually turned towards podcasting and how that seemed to be a great way of expressing our crazy ideas and relieve the general public of reading information and instead have it drip fed through their ears. Partially drunk on the power such an outlet would provide, the idea and the bare building blocks of the show were hammered out over the next 4 hours. It was a long conversation and I was very sleepy by the end of it.

After a short time a situation arose that led to Intertree and I living together. This convenience led to the first podcast. Now, anyone that has actually heard the podcast will know that it was lacking in mirth and there was quite a lot of nerves. We had never done this before and were afraid that we would sound like complete idiots. I was already used to the idea of being and idiot and actually having to look at myself (as some of you lucky people don’t) only compounds the fact but there were jitters non-the-less. In retrospect the death of other podcasters really wasn’t the best subject of our first cast but well, we had and an episode recorded. We listened to it and took solace in the fact that it wasn’t completely like the used tampon of the podcasting world we were imagining. Johnny(Intertree) also pointed out that if you go back and listen to any podcast from episode 1 and go through the episodes you will notice a steady improvement as the show finds it’s feet.

Looking back now I can state that there are some episodes I love and remember fondly. The first “Marks Moment” and episode 3 really contributed to the direction of the show and actually indicated that this show was going to contain some mirth. As the weeks went on other features and moments were included, the inclusion of opening skits(especially Ecto Sinclair and Mystic Mandy), our ongoing subplots involving the space station, the growth of our supporting cast and their contributions to the shows and a certain Mr. N Cognito all added depth and humour. Basically it was getting better.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is thank you. We have had success to a degree were I’m happy. I just wanted to get to get my friends all in one place and talk about the crazy stuff that made us laugh, get outrageously angry, stupidly excited and occasionally touched our heart. The fact that we may be listened to outside our immediate group of friends is a brillant bonus but not the reason I started this.

Goodbye Cunts!!!, AboveAveargeJay


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  • Counter Culture Clown

    *sniffle* so beautiful.

    I guess that’s why I nominated ya’lls for a blog award. Go over to my blog, and accept it. Or be damned!

  • L. Dahl

    Well, let me just say you guys do have the talent to hold a conversation; there aren’t any uncomfortable silences and enough random comments to keep me interested.
    I woke up in a great mood, so I thought it would be a nice idea to compliment you.

  • CosmicStresshead

    D’awww, you guys! An award! I shed a tear alongside the recently surprisingly weepy Bob. He’s a big ol’ softy underneath that big ol’ hat.

    I was in a not-quite-woken-up-so-pretty-much-angry-grizzly-bear-time frame of mind ’til I read that last comment from our ChilinRice friend here. Shucks 🙂

    Thanks Mr and Ms 🙂

    Due to some pre-occupation (on my part at least) we haven’t recorded episode 14 yet. It could be that the guys are waiting for me to take the lead for a change.

    Further to what James said, it’s awesome having real people listening who we wouldn’t otherwise know of, and I have to agree the whole thing’s just a big load of fun 🙂

    I’m half-way through writing an ‘acceptance speech’ blog post, but like Ms Dahl here I don’t really read enough blogs in my repertoire to credit seven of them with an award. I’m considering including webcomics and perhaps videoblogs to make up the numbers, cus Bob and “L” (is it Lola? Little? Just L? Who knows) are the only ‘blogs’ in the traditional sense, I read in any way that could be described as regular.

    Bob, we made you break the rules including us, now watch as we flaunt the very meaning of the word ‘obedience’. Guidelines? Rules? Law? Pah!

    My comments are far too long

  • L. Dahl

    The L is for Lola…
    Lola Dahl, has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?
    And please, let’s just high five for not having enough friends to nominate. Am I the only one getting high school flashbacks?

  • CosmicStresshead

    Goooooooo team LONER! *high five!* I had a feeling it stood for Lola. A nice ring indeed 🙂

    Come, let us retire to the smoking room to imbibe cognac, smoke cigars and congratulate ourselves on being so very awesome. We’ll only be fooling ourselves, but soon we’ll be drunk and won’t care!

  • Counter Culture Clown

    Wouldn’t expect anything less. 😛

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