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Episode 13 – The Wii Fit Pun Delusion

by on Apr.17, 2010, under Show

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Show notes:

Correction: It was Episode 9 in which James stated we could do shoutouts, and here they are!

L. Dhal’s The ‘Chili with Rice’ Project – http:/

Counter Culture Clown’s Funny in Shadows –

And now, the rest of the day’s news!

Wii Fit Injury Reportedly Results in Sexual Arousal Syndrome –


Richard Dawkins calls for arrest of Pope Benedict XVI –

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 All-Play (Wii) –

The pope sort of does and doesn’t have his own plane, it turns out he uses a commercial airline plane that is commandeered for a single day each time he needs to use one. When it is under his control however, it is nicknamed ‘Shepherd One’ –

Lethal Weapon 2:


Richard Dawkins, ‘The God Delusion’ –

Mojoey’s Deep Thoughts Blog, The debate over celibacy –

The story of the ‘Antipopes’ –

Nation States –

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3 Comments for this entry

  • L. Dahl

    This is the closes I’ve ever being of feeling like a celebrity. Thanks for that. (:

    Oh, and one of you guys just love the Powerpuff Girls way too much.

  • intertree

    I resent that! (For it is only Blossom I hold a place for…)

    No, but seriously, I just like her confidence and go get ’em attitude.

    There’s nothing sexual in it really.

    Not… Really.

  • Counter Culture Clown

    Notes while listening:

    -Canadian? Really? :\ At least you didn’t say FRENCH Canadian, or I’d take it offensively.

    -I really need to get Wii Fit now, If only for the “Wii Fit Defense”

    I’m starting to think perhaps a Wii S&M game should be invented. Little plastic nipple clamps. It’s genius, it’ll sell millions. Especially in Japan!

    -Yes, I am an Atheist. I’ve made that more than apparent with my “Things Jesus Hates” blog, hahaha.

    -I’m not an Anti-Pope, unfortunately. But right now I’m an Anti-Cardinal. Workin’ my way up!

    -Hah, my stand up did fit well, nice tie in. And thanks for the publicity, always appreciated. I didn’t know about the Anti-Pope, but it’s a classic learning experience for sure.

    I’ll support Anti-Pope Felix The Cat I for sure.

    Sorry to the rest of your listeners for the horridness that is my voice. Eeeeeeee…

    Good stuff, gentlemen (and Benny Boy! :P) Sorry I took up 4 mintues of your 40, hahaha.

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