Defenders of the Mirth

Episode 10 – Q&A under the threat of the evil N.C. Vortex!

by on Mar.25, 2010, under Show

Press 'play' to begin transmission from 3.4 miles above the surface of the Earth...


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Show notes:

Circular motion and the persistence of vision clock –

Etymology for the word eleven, instead of onety one –

Origin of the word lisp –

YAY Toast! –

The Tomorrow People –

Escape from Jupiter –

Picture of Katsuragi from Neon Genesis Evangelion –

Video short of Katsuragi from Neon Genesis Evangelion –

And, of course, information on the show itself –

Let me Google that for you –

Leave Brittany Alone! –

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  • CosmicStresshead


    I’m at time index 9mins 25secs.

    Just a wee question while we await N.C. Vortex’s judgement and wrath: Are you sure you want me on the show? Apparently my brain ACTUALLY switched off when we started recording, and I sound… really dumb.

    Sad face

    Ben “Cortical Wreck” Smylie

  • L. Dahl

    This episode made me laugh out loud (I refuse to use cutesy acronyms) so freaking much.
    1. I loved the nervousness that happens right after “Describe circular motion”. 2. the onetyone rant… Did I just number it? How embarrassing.

  • L. Dahl

    I’m sorry, did you just name the powerpuff girls?

    Next time I will keep all my comments in just one post, I just couldn’t resist right now.

  • intertree

    Yes, sadly we weren’t expecting to have to have our science hats on for that show. Can you give us a quick run down of circular motion then please Dahl?

    Who can’t name the Powerpuff Girls?

  • Counter Culture Clown

    Ah hell, gentleman, a top-notch way to spend two hours of my night last night. Thanks for the laughs, looking forward to listen to more.

  • L. Dahl

    I’m not even going to pretend I know a thing about circular motion.
    However, I wasn’t ask about it on my podcast, so I can make fun you (:

  • CosmicStresshead

    Hey Defenders!

    Okay actually I quite enjoyed being in and listening to that show. That was a pretty good pr–

    Scooter? Seriously?
    *takes out back*
    *shotgun blast*

    –emise for a show and I think it worked well. We should maybe send that N.C.Vortex fellow a basket of fruit.

    Was a hell of a lot of fun. We should maybe keep our science hats at the ready in the future just in case. I didn’t think, but we did have 40 volumes of ‘Joy of Knowledge’ at our fingertips. Damn you, Google, and your laxative effects on my brain.

    Speaking of laxatives (What? -Ed) we have had quite some feedback from the past few shows and we should really be getting work done on a .5 episode to deal with the backlog of feedback and what have you.

    A welcome to L. Dahl of the Chili with Rice Project, and Counter Culture Clown of ‘Funny in Shadows’ blogs and more!

    Real people! Listening to our show with your, presumably, real ears! We thank you, from the heart of our bottoms.


    Benjamin ‘Comics? Where?’ Smylie

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