Defenders of the Mirth

Episode 9 – Johnny vs James, the crossover noone asked for

by on Mar.21, 2010, under Show

Press 'play' to begin transmission from 3.4 miles above the surface of the Earth...


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Show notes:

Audioboo –

Stephen Fry’s Audioboos –

Topics touched upon in DOTM Boo:

Lesbianism –
Homoeroticism –

Facebook Advertising review –

Podcasts mentioned:

Johnny’s –

No Agenda –

MacBreak Weekly –

Windows Weekly –
Buzz Out Loud –

You Look Nice Today –

This Week in Media –

James’ –

Major Spoilers –

Comic Geek Speak –

The Who Cast –

DC Noise –

Laporte wins TechRepublic’s mock election for ‘President of the Internet’ –

Find yourself on the ‘political chart’ –


imdb –
Trailer –

Skywalker Ranch –

Pixelcorps –

Windows Phone Series 7 –

Paul Therott’s Books –

Babylon 5 –

“Thor” comic –

Doctor Who Tour –

Guitar Hero T-Shirt Design Contest –

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  • CosmicStresshead

    Hey defenders,

    The above comment was a reference to Mr Conn, a Mancunian supply teacher Johnny and I had in second year of grammar school.

    He had some phrases which caught on like the virulent memes they were, like the fairly standard “Do as I say, not… as… I… do” and “2C!! SHUT UP!!” to the amazing “You’re skating on very skin ice, boys” which was funnier at the time than it is written down.

    He had a fiancée called Gillian, of whom he spoke often and was a character in some not inconsiderable amount of classroom artwork which was passed around, some of which I managed to dodge getting into a bit of trouble for.

    My point, you ask?


  • ConvertX

    Ace show guys keep them coming. Quote of the show for me “I DON’T WATCH NO FUCKIN’ EASTENDERS”.

    Just a little giggle for you guys, I tried to search for Defenders of the Mirth using the voice search for the Google App on iPhone. Some funny results lets say!! Here is what it found….. in order

    Defenders of America
    Defenders of the Mirror
    Defenders of the Earth
    Defenders of America
    Wait for this one……….
    Distended Abdomen

  • Bppaul

    Aha Defenders!

    My cunning plan succeeded. By bookmarking some interesting links using delicious and tagging them under defendersofthemirthideas I got you to reference my name! My audio scanner was able to lock on to the Bppaul keyword and send me your broadcasts.

    You can’t stop the signal!

    It has been scanning ever since your payment bounced on the fuel I supplied you with for your transport to the space station! You said your credit was good and you promised my hardlight forecourt frequent visits!

    After going back through the transmissions i discovered that you’ve been experiencing problems with the station, that’ll teach you for using anything but BP! I’m surprised that thing hasn’t fallen out of the sky yet!

    You’ll pay for that fuel Defenders!!!


  • CosmicStresshead

    Hey Defenders,

    To comment on the actual show, for a change, I have to concur MOST WHOLEHEARTEDLY that the demonstration we watched of Windows Phone 7 made my eyes bleed with its endless and hideous list of clumsily aligned blue square tiles. It looked an early myspace page.

    I think Windows Phone 7 would really be better off going the way of Touchflo (although the default Touchflo interface on the Touch Pro Diamond drives me scatty). I’m not a massive fan of the iPhone’s interface of “here’s a list of separate and uncategorised apps”, but it looked better than the demo we saw.

    More research must be done.

    What also turned my stomach was the way the presenters were creaming themselves over the “beauty” of the interface. I wonder was it an android phone and the Windows Phone was CG’ed over the video.

    They’ll probably make it good soon. Fingers crossed.

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