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Episode 8 – Steam powered fusion for idle bird shutting down? OK… GO

by on Mar.12, 2010, under Show

Press 'play' to begin transmission from 3.4 miles above the surface of the Earth...


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Show notes:

Valve: full “Steam” ahead on Mac OS X with free syncing –

Idle chit chat can make you unhappy –

The International Space Station gets a room with a view: space shuttle Endeavour mission in pictures –

Extinct elephant bird of Madagascar could live again –

Is fusion power really viable? –

Nuclear waste under the mountains of Nevada –

Tritium –

Owl City: Shy, retiring and No 1 everywhere –

Florence and The Machine –

Ingrid Michaelson made it into the chart in 2009 with ‘Maybe’ –

TWiT –

Conan O’Brian –

LisaTickledPink & Leo Laporte 10-3-10 Radio Wammo Show, Kiwi FM –

Leo Laporte names President of the internet –

LHC to shut down for a year to address design faults –

Information about The Worldwide LHC Computing Grid –

Large Hadron Rap –

OK Go, This Too Shall Pass Music Video, Rube Goldberg Machine version –

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3 Comments for this entry

  • CosmicStresshead

    Hey Defenders

    As per usual I’m commenting part-way into listening to the podcast. So far I have two things to say:

    #1: Sorry about the skit being missing this week. I can’t help but feel I’m partly responsible.

    #2: Don’t mock the poor scientists for scientifically demonstrating the fairly obvious connections between happiness and meaningful conversations. I think it might be good reminder to bring to bear in our current world where the lives of celebrities are more closely watched, on the whole, than the current affairs that might at some point affect individual people somewhere. ‘Hey… maybe… just maybe… we’d be happier talking about something interesting’



    Ben “Coke Whore” Smylie

  • CosmicStresshead


    I am at time index 50 mins 54 secs. I feel it incumbent upon myself to warn you that, if it turns out you’re about to play a third audio clip in stead of talking, and it also turns out that said audio clip is from the video for OK GO, you will be responsible for a normally quiet civil servant in an otherwise quiet NI government building to scream a chilling scream until blood appears in his mouth and/or he is unceremoniously ejected from the building.

    *clicks play*

    *is appeased slightly by James’ comments*

    *considers that Johnny should not have commented on the hidden cut*

    *realises the compromise between talking and audio*

    *gets bored*

    *dies of internal haemorrhaging*

    *embarrassingly has to come back to life having forgotten to scream*


    *is stared at by colleagues but is not ejected from the building*


    PS Love you

  • CosmicStresshead

    Wow, I’m sorry. I woke up in a cold sweat last night with the realisation that what I said there was awful! I didn’t mean it! I love you! Let me out of my module, please! I’ve run out of bottles to pee in, and it turns out I can’t believe everything Kevin Costner does! Not that we need to, it’s pretty tasty, but my eyes have turned yellow 🙁

    Come back!

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