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Episode 7 – Two men in their pyjamas, consumer products

by on Mar.04, 2010, under Show

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Show notes:

Topless Washing Machine advert(?) –

BBC article on Tesco banning pyjamas – _

Solomon Kane:

imdb –
Trailer –

Van Helsing:

imdb –
Trailer –

The Passion of the Christ:

imdb –
Trailer –

The Count of Monte Cristo:

imdb –
Trailer –

The Prisoner, American TV mini series –

Original Prisoner series –


Solomon Kane review mentioning low budget –

Google streetview –

Apple sued HTC with their 20 patents –

Windows Phone 7 Series –

Windows Weekly –
Macbreak Weekly –

The Bayeux Tapestry –

Avengers comics –

The New Avengers comics –

Secret Avengers –

The Avengers TV series –

The New Avengers –

‘White Christmas’ in Italy, one free of foreigners –,_one_free_of_foreigners

My Michelle –

Eiffel 65, Blue –

STONE COLD FACT!!! – Italian system administrators? Seemingly not… (No links).

Earthquake machines –


imdb –
Trailer –

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off:

imdb –
Trailer –


imdb –
Trailer –

Emergency Yodel –

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5 Comments for this entry

  • ConvertX

    Worst show ever. I THINK NOT BABY PUPPY. Although the least informative review wise (not a bad thing no spoilers just opinion)it was to date the most entertaining and laughter drawing show. Due to the ad hoc mirth and the lack of organization (which incidentally, the funniest laffs come from) I laffed my arse off. Oh and you said my name. Bring on EP 8.

  • Mr N Cognito

    Greetings defenders,

    I have been listening to your show as you record it. You are indeed defending the mirth quite admirably. You funny funny men.

    I was interested in the news about the pyjama fiasco in Tesco (this I understand is a supermarket chain, yes? We do not have much in the way of consumerism were I am from). I personally do not see the problem with conducting one’s affairs wearing pyjamas.

    Love the show by the way.

    It’s also a little cold out here. And there’s not much food…

    Which reminds me, I have been clinging to the rim of the aft docking port for almost two weeks now and, I feel I have to ask: is this doorbell actually working?

  • DaMofoArmadillo

    Oh jesus, that pajamas woman, lolz, get a job woman!

  • DaMofoArmadillo

    Oh, and it was Johnny Gillen and I that looked for porn, and it was under Bens login (sorry Ben). The “Who is cardy J!?” was a different event, to which i think johnny Cardy went ‘oh shit’ logged out and ran off.

  • Chaos Engine

    That was mirthilessly mirthiless. Thoroughly enjoyed that lads

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