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Episode 4 – iPad enough of this Massively Effective Astro Boy title pun

by on Feb.10, 2010, under Show

Press 'play' to begin transmission from 3.4 miles above the surface of the Earth...


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Show notes:

Steve Jobs’s liver saved by Car (not motorcycle) accident –

Apple iPad announcment –

iPad specs page –

Left for Dead 2 Australian censorship –

Netbook comic reading using Comic Rack –

iPhone comic reader mobi app –

6.5% of BBC’s overall budget goes to salaries –

Apple’s ‘pixel doubling’ issue –

Apple’s TV Network Subscription (still rumour) –

A Clockwork Orange –

Mass Effect 2, available to purchase today –

‘Borg Week’ comics are available to enjoy at –

Knights of the Old Republic –

Go walking, that’s what you do –

Final Fantasy XIII –

Astro Boy:

imdb –
Trailer –

Empire movie review we disagree with –

XKCD Comic relating to how long ago things happened, entitled ‘Scary’ –

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy:

imdb –
Trailer –

ID Software’s Quake –

Geoff Johns scripted ‘Absolute Justice’ smallville episode – & ‘Legion of Superheroes’ –

Brian Michael Bendis’s Ultimate Spiderman –

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  • Ian

    Howdy Defender-e-nos
    Being an apple hater, the iPad does make me kind of angry. Mainly because I think they’ve done their usual thing of needlessly leaving out massive key features for the sole purpose of screwing the buyers out of more money 6 months down the line with the 2nd gen model. Or maybe it’s just an awesome business plan to cover up minor crappiness with major crappiness, then fix the major crappiness and everyone’s so relieved they forget about the minor crappiness. Meh. Shhh, of course I’m being coherent.

    I can’t say I’ve ever noticed the gate noise before, though now that you’ve mentioned it I think I know the one you mean and it’s now playing in my head. Thanks. Think the scream equivilent is called the Wilhelm scream or something. Most recently noticed that one when I finally watched Lord of the Rings after all these years. FYI, I wasn’t fussed on it.

    Jolly good show.

  • CosmicStresshead


    Hi Defenders,

    Holy banana milkshake, Batman! We’ve gotta stage an intervention and help Johnny off his show notes habit. It’s all my fault, I was a terrible mother.

    Apologies for the impromptu appearance in your last show, I have some adjustments to make to the holographic telecoms software.

    It was a mix-up with IP addresses, and the network stack works differently in the future. I should explain that I was meant to be broadcasting my new 3D show “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Nippleclamps”, as you were probably wondering why I was dressed like that

    Well, “Incompatibility is the price you pay for the technology you stole from the future”, as the old adage will go.

    I would talk about the content of your show (as you might have reasonably expected) but I think I should probably get back to work as I’m back after a week off, refreshed and eager. Ahem

    Keep defending, Sirs!

    Benjamin “Crouching Weirdo” Smylie

  • Mr N Cognito

    Greetings, Defenders

    Cosmicstresshead appeared in my living room late yesterday evening wearing some very interesting… jewellery, he proceeded to talk for a while demonstrating some oversized utensils. Upon realising he had been projected to the wrong house and he tried to make excuses and leave but by then it was too late I had already begun masterfully caressing his vegetables and he stayed all night while we tarried away and produced the most beautiful tasting LASAGNE YOU SIMPLY MUST TRY IT

    You will have to excuse me, Gentlemen. I’ve become very excitable.

    Anyhow I just thought I’d let you know that now that you’re passing at a lower altitude than my house I have taken the liberty of boarding your station, and I would appreciate if you would open the aft docking port. Maybe I can help with your coolant leak? Maybe you can give me Ben’s correct phone number.

    See you soon.

    P.S. Please don’t polarise the hull plating

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