Defenders of the Mirth

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  • Ian

    That N Cognito voice is genuinely quite freaky, especially combined with a dark room and lack of sleep.

    Will there be a comments show on the comments for the comments show? I’ll have a picture of Xzibit at the ready…

  • Chaos Engine

    2 minutes and 20 seconds into the podcast and your already talking about Jame’s lack of a skin, i WAS eating!

    Love you guys love the show, love the attention you guys put into your feedback, I also feel like re-awakening the comic book (fond memories of sonic the hedghog and 2000ad) nerd in me again after hearing James talk about comics and personal conversations, I just wish i could put Mass Effect 2 down for long enough to sit down and read.

    Love luck and lots of Chaos.

    Chaos Engine

  • ConvertX

    I have a topic or genre suggestion rather sparked from a comment from above average jay, he talked about a comic I think it was called the walking dead or maybe waking dead not quite sure. He referenced this to the film 28 days later with regards to a bit of reality as in they don’t just go away hence 28 weeks later. I think the horror genre would be a great listen covering the general genre and also individual movies. A few in particular would be drag me to hell, paranormal activity and REC (the original subtitled rec) not the yankee rehash. Oh and blair witch. I realize this may not be coverable as well some peeps dont actually do horror flicks. (Big Girls) and I dont know your stance on them. I love horror flicks and think it would be a great listen. Keep Defending

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