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Episode 2 – Hitchhikers guide to the downstairs toilet and things to look forward to in 2010

by on Jan.18, 2010, under Show

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Show notes:

Our new bookmarking and suggestions service is viewable at (Remember to tag anything you want to suggest for the show with ‘defendersofthemirthideas’).

Iron Man 2:

imdb –
Trailer –

Iron Man’s alcoholism from the original comics –

The Island:

imdb –
Trailer –

Transformers 2:

imdb –
Trailer –


imdb –
Trailer –

Lenovo IdeaPad U1 –

Ultra (not hyper) capacitors –

Ultra capacitor drill –

The Knife, Handy Man music video –

The A Team:

imdb –
Trailer –

You can Read through a history of iSlate rumors at MacRumors –

10″ inch screen news article –

Mass Effect 2:

link –
Trailers –

Mako (4 wheel drive device that James hated and hates) –

A history of Tank gun technology –
Story about importing save files from the previous game –

Glen Duncan, an excellent author –

I, Lucifer:

Amazon –

imdb –

Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the Devil (mp3) –

Invincble comics:

Viltrumite War approaches –

A bit about the comic –

Robert Kirkmand –

The Walking Dead:

Comic –

ABC Series –

First issues of invincible for sale –

Cory Walker Art –

Ryan Ottley Art –

Invincible film rights –

The Incredibles (Not ‘Invincibles’):

imdb –
Trailer –

Doctor Who:

Trailer for new series –

Mark’s Review of the ‘End of Time’ finale –


imdb –
Trailer –
12 (whoops, not 11) year old girl says an unfortunate word –

Layer Cake:

imdb –
Trailer –


imdb –
Trailer –

Weather Man:

imdb –
Trailer –

Bringing out the Dead:

imdb –
Trailer –


imdb –
Trailer –


imdb –
Trailer –


imdb –
Trailer –

Moby Dick TV Series –

I am Legend:

imdb –
Trailer –

Home and Away –

Man these show notes took a while to compose…

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4 Comments for this entry

  • AboveAverageJay

    dam!!! thats a lot of show notes!!!

  • DaMofoArmadillo

    Say what you want about Michael Bay, everyone you know has seen at least three of his films. I have seen 7 of 8 😮

    There was nothing wrong with the Mako, it was bouncy.

    And i do hate everything.

  • Bryan

    Hello defenders! Your introduction this week is a model I could use to write along to and perhaps… yeah actually no it’ll be really difficult I can tell, but what I produce may be better. I also now have an acoustic guitar so I come with the option of both electric and acoustic. I’m in recovery now btw, thank you for your sympathies.

    Anyway yes, just a few other things: Underworld, a movie where it’s not vampires vs humans, was that the second one? Oh also it was Alan Tudyk doing the voice of Sonny in I, Robot. May recognise him as the pilot Wash from the Firefly TV series/Serenity movie.
    Anyway, another movie coming up I’d like to see, remake of Clash Of The Titans. A name that often gets a blank stare when mentioned to people sadly, but I liked all those harryhousen style clay monster mythology movies as a kid.

    Anyway, over and out for now.

  • CosmicStresshead

    Madre de Dios! That’s a hella lotta shownotes, Grinko!

    With you having said that I had thrown you down a challenge to meticulously lay out the shownotes, I can only hope you don’t hold me responsible for the consequences of mentioning more stuff. I guess I’ll know if you accidentally type ‘god damn you Ben’ in the middle of an item in some of your more extensive notes in the future. (What’s it called when that happens? A cursory Google yielded nothing.)

    Any road, I had a point to make, what was it what was it what was it… oh yes.

    I think James has re-awakened a comic enthusiast in me with his discussion of the comic-book bases of some recent films.

    My young days of comic book interest consisted mainly of Rogue Trooper and Sonic the Hedgehog.

    Rogue trooper was really quite engaging, and I do so now want to get back into it in some way.

    Sonic sometimes struck me as being much darker and more (almost) brutal than you’d really expect.

    Regarding your show, though:

    “iPad” would be a good name if the name iPod never existed, which is maybe something the marketing department might use the iTimeMachine for at some point, if sales don’t pan out how they’d like.

    But as it stands, “iPad” is probably too close to iPod when written, and also a lot of people from Belfast tell me they already have an iPad

    What I may or may not be looking forward to in 2010 is the movie of The Road (which I am reading at the moment). I will say nothing more of the book than that I am inescapably engrossed, and that I’m not sure I trust any film-maker not to ruin it.

    Thanks for the lovely comments. You guys are very sweet too x. I would ask you not to let up on me with regard to content on my site. If it ever looks like I’m slipping, a good kick up the arse should do it.

    Good ‘cast, men!

    P.S. Loved Mark’s recording being used at the end. Was a nice way to end the episode. Nicely added, Mark. You have a nack for speaking the thoughts I suppress for fear of persecution by a raging mob of angered fans. With pitchforks. I especially fear the pitchforks.

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