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Is it just me? or is everyone 5% more racist than they were last week.

by on Oct.25, 2009, under Crew Logs

I’ve been noticing this trent that seemed to start on thursday night… everyone is a little bit racist, well not everyone. In case you didn’t know or didn’t care, modern Captain Nazi, Nick Griffin appeared on Question Time in Thursday and seems have had made some sort of impact. Just to be clear before starting this, the man is slime, his views are a particularly dirty kind of evil and his supporters have a wonderfully horrible place in Hell reserved just for them.

It’s just that I have heard a number of quotes that seem to be based on a softening of opinion. This is basically the fault of the BBC and I’ll explain why. Thursday night was a great example of “school yard” politics, and the politicians didn’t have the intelligence to recognize what was going to happen. The idiots just followed to first instinct which was to pick on the weakest to make themselves look strong, a basic bully mentality. This had one result, people felt slightly sorry for him. I’m not saying everyone, the people that hate him and all that he represents still hate him and probably got a kick out of seeing him squirm, the people that support him are probably happy as they would see this as a step in the right direction and a vindication of their political views. The people I’m talking about are the surprising large amount of borderliners that probably agree with some of his views, probably on our immigration policies. What they saw was a man they might not like, which isn’t a problem as the vast majority of MP’s and politicians are hated anyway, being attacked for expressing some views that they share.

This has lead to people expressing similar views in the public domain. Most along the lines of “I don’t like him but he did have a number of good points”. Fuck him and his good points, there is nothing wrong with being a beacon of acceptance, tolerance and compassion. I would argue that out of the entire quality spectrum those would be the three that I value above all. They are certainly better than warmongering, indiscriminate hate and xenophobic racism.

I just want to remind people that like many/all politicians this man has a hidden agenda. This agenda probably appears like a Nazi propaganda film, blond haired boys and girls running through shining green fields being taught about the greatness of their forefathers smudging over the sometimes dark and dirty areas of history. Well the thought of that makes me sick. Cultural diversity is probably one of the most brilliant things about this planet and one of the reason I have any kind of interest is history.


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