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Who Watches the Watchmen, Well I do……

by on Mar.07, 2009, under Crew Logs

I went out today, with one objective, to see the watchmen and I did and it was brilllant!!! Hype asside I really did enjoy it. The characters were brought to life and thats all you can ask for in a comic book adaption. The first 10 minutes of the film just grab you by the balls and, well, it doesn’t let go for the next 2hrs and 30mins.


Now that I’ve completely blown my load in the first ten seconds, which is quite crap, I’ll continue on with the other events that happened today. I met up with a couple of friends that I hadn’t seen in years and as if by magic picked up exactly were we left off. Weird jokes bouncing of the walls of Wolsey’s, it was awesome. I haven’t laughted that hard in years, nerd jokes for the win. The sort of jokes that only fellow geeks can laugh at, we even ran with a 20min joke about life from the perpective of Dr. Manhatten, a person that experiences all of his existance at once. About ten other ppl in the world would have found it funny and the other seven were nowhere to be seen.

Thats not to say the jokes didn’t get a bit fucking crude too. A film called Watchmen, how could you not make a joke about dogging. Plus the film contains quite a bit of big blue penis, as someone that has complete control of matter can’t even seem to whip up some pants in the company of other men!!!

Of course it all came down to the major question… “was it as good as the graphic novel??”  And well the general consensus was it was.

Go and fucking see it.

5 Dr Manhatten penis’ out of 5

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  • AboveAverageJay

    no way man!!! fine it was missing some of the finer points of the comic but it was good all the same. It was no dark knight but was better than spidey 3 and the brett ratner abortion that was x-man the last stand. In retropect it would probably lose a penis and a half.

    New rating 3 penis’ and one circumsized one….

  • wes

    Stop mucking about get a life,your mother is fed up with you using her handbag oh and please clean your

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